[Position Filled] Juce Audio Developer

Hi All,

We are urgently looking for a JUCE developer for a couple of days to help iron out a couple of bugs before a major update to our software.

Knowledge of OSX developement, and Core Audio is a must.

Approx. 4 days @£500 a day.

Please PM me for more details. 

Best regards,

Tim Fletcher


Back in feburary, we had a massive deadline to reach; releasing our OSX app that had previously been written in obj-c and swift Core Audio to now use a Audio Library written in C++ and JUCE. I wrote the C++/JUCE code having Zero experience in either C++ or JUCE.

JUCE allowed me to build something OK, in a matter of days - my hat off to JUCE here, not many frameworks allow you to do that, let alone in an alien language.

But @IvanC came at very short notice, and helped solve the more subtle problems, create DSP processors, and tutor me…

Thanks, you really did a sterling job.

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You’re welcome Tim :wink: Thanks for your kind words !