PositionedRectangle & Aspect Ratio

PositionRect is pretty darn hip, but I think I need to do something it can’t do. Can anyone see a way to encode the value of the inner component on the left, so that when the position is applied to the inner component on the right it looks like that?

H & V pos are fine - both centered, and height can be percentage, but is there a way to do width as related to the new height?

I think I’ll need to subclass PosRect then, any suggestions about how to make that most usable? Should I add another size mode, or a whole new attribute, telling it to respect A/R?


Sorry, help to include the image, wouldn’t it? :oops:

Not entirely sure what you are asking…

I’m trying to work out how to extend a positionedrect to have it respect aspect ratio, and I’m looking for tips - sub-class or extend? Or is there some combo of pr settings that will do that?

Basically I need to apply a posrect to a new parent space, and have it expand or resize without changing aspect ratio.