PositionedRectangle request

hi Jules,

I’d like to set a PositionedRectangle like that

PositionedRectangle myRect ("10%Rr 10% 50% 50%");

but percentage of width from right of parent for x coordinate isn’t allowed…

is there a reason why ?
Or could it be enabled in a next version ?

Thanx !

Well it’s not needed, is it? 10% from the right is the same as 90% from the left…

Well, for sure it’s the same but i was wondering why this is not allowed as you can do it with absolute positions… and as this combination of characters is not clearly forbidden.

but doesn’t matter, it’s not crucial and i will go on substracting 10 to 100… :slight_smile:
i thought it was maybe an omission which would take a few minutes to enable.

You have to be able to specify absolute positions that way, because 10 pixels from the right can’t be rephrased as a number of pixels from the left. But making proportions work like that just seemed like unnecessary code bloat to me.