Possible JUCE4 AU issue with Logic Pro X

Hey jucers,

I have a peculiar issue with initialising my AU units within the Logic Pro X DAW. I'm going to explain the issue briefly, in case this is a known issue, rather than posting a bunch of code blocks here. 

My AU has a GUI that hides and shows certain elements (sliders, knobs, buttons, comboBoxes) according to a selection from a comboBox that is never hidden. Selection one from the comboBox shows GUI elements for 'Page One' and hides all other elements -- the same thing happens for 'Page Two' and so forth.

When I open the AU with Ableton, it works accordingly and hides GUI elements on initalisation, awaiting signal-thru and UI interaction.

When I open the AU with Logic Pro X, some sort of event must pass through Logic first before my UI responds as designed. Only the 'Page One' UI elements display, regarding of which page has been selected to view. This logic event could be a MIDI note through, opening up a Synthesiser, anything. As soon as an event occurs in Logic Pro X, the AU then works identically to the way it does in Ableton.

Is this something anyone has experienced with building AU's and testing them out with Logic?

For what it's worth, the AU also passes Logic's AU Validation.

Feedback would be most helpful -- if this isn't an issue that's been heard of before, I can share some code if it is helpful.



Sounds unlikely that this is a host-specific bug, probably just something silly you're doing that relies on the precise order or timing at which your plugin is initialised. Hard to guess what's going on from this info though.

It was indeed silliness. All handled.

It seems pluginProcessor's processBlock is always active within the Ableton DAW, and regarding Logic Pro X, the processBlock is only active when signal is passing thru, or if the playhead is moving. I had some oversights in logic regarding checking parameters in the processBlock when it should be happening exlusively in timerCallback. #bugsforbreakfast