Bug when running Juce Demo Plugin in Logic Pro

I’ve been using JUCE for a while now but I’m just starting to learn about plugin development.

I’ve been playing around with the JuceDemoPlugin project and I’ve noticed a minor bug in its performance within Logic Pro 9; when I load up the AU as an effect plugin the tempo, time signature, and positioning info isn’t synced from the host until the playhead is moving over an actual piece of audio. If loading the AU up as an instrument plugin (or in this case, a MIDI-controlled effect plugin), it is correctly synced at the plugins initialisation. Tested this in Ableton Live too and both effect and instrument version of the plugin sync right away.

Is it possible that JuceDemoPluginAudioProcessor::processBlock() won’t start being called until there is some kind of audio input within Logic? Any solutions to this?

afaik that’s how Logic works.
with MIDI-controlled effects you can play around via MIDI also when the session isn’t playing so that’s why they do get their processBlocks.

Just to add more clearifcation.

Plug-In transport reporting is very different between each host.

In Logic it'll start reporting once there is audio samples from the track (audio file) or the track is in Input mode and Software Monitoring turned-on.

Samplitude for example (at least from the last time we've checked) didn't comply at all to any transport reporting when no audio on track and even with audio on track it didn't work well.