Juce MidiDemo AU not showing in Logic Pro

As a first attempt to build a project and load in logic, I took the MidiDemo in the examples. In Projucer I changed it to an Audio Plugin. Then tried various options for the AU setup such synth, Midi in, Midi output, midi effect etc. In some cases the plugin will build as a 5k size component. In some cases it is 30m. The first goal was to get it to load as an audio plugin on the master fader so I can see if the midi routing options would allow the goal of having an audio plugin with its own midi controls connected. Open Logic Pro, rescan and also trash plugin cache and it rescans all plugins but the AUMidiDemo never shows up in the plugin list event though I put it in the correct folder.

Can anyone please suggest what I can try to get this demo to build as audio plugin AU and show up? All I need it to do is load in logic, identify external USB keyboards, and display incoming note on/off.


Any freelancers that would help me on zoom for a fee with this ?

The “MidiPlugin” option – at least from my experience, is quite buggy / issue prone. Not from JUCE but by patchy coverage of the plugin type by the DAWs.

If you want to do some midi outputs from a plugin it seems like it’s still currently the best to add midi in / out to a VST or VST3 plugin, and then instruct users how to manage the midi routing internal to each of the various DAWs.

It’s definitely not ideal – would love if someone with more experience with it would chime in as well!

That said – Logic is supposed to be the one host which supports AU Midi Effects

Thanks. I’d first just like to learn how to build it and get Logic to load it. After that then I can deal with functionality.

If you’re just getting started something like the NoiseGate or Synth may work better out of the box

I’ll look at it but for now the goal is to get midi into the plugin while on the master fader in logic and then next protools.