Powf in class Decibels

Hi Jules,

can you change powf to pow in class Decibels?

class Decibels
    /** Converts a dBFS value to its equivalent gain level.
        A gain of 1.0 = 0 dB, and lower gains map onto negative decibel values. Any
        decibel value lower than minusInfinityDb will return a gain of 0.
    template <typename Type>
    static Type decibelsToGain (const Type decibels,
                                const Type minusInfinityDb = (Type) defaultMinusInfinitydB)
        return decibels > minusInfinityDb ? powf ((Type) 10.0, decibels * (Type) 0.05)
                                          : Type();

Ah yes, sorry! Don't know what that's doing in there, it should be std::pow.. Thanks!