UB and math functions


I’m trying to built a UB of my mac application, so I put :
i386 ppc
into Architectures and made a full rebuilt…(the intel previously compiled fine)

Then I have a set of simple errors on several math functions -powf and sqrtf in this case :

[quote]call of overloaded ‘powf(float&,float&)’ is ambiguous
note : candidates are float powf(float,float)
note: juce::powf(float,float)[/quote]

What is the right way to tell the compiler which one to choose (in compiler settings or in code directly) ?

I’m really,really newbie at Xcode, I don’t want to put a mess somewhere , especially into any juce file !




I guess you could do a “using juce::powf”?


I tried this, but apparently powf is not member of juce, I could not find a way…

Also I’m not sure about the right syntax of ‘using juce::powf’, and where is the best place to put it ?





Thank, I learned a lot, however powf is not a member of juce, so using juce::powf won’t work.

My question is then powf in juce is member of what ? I hope my question makes sense.



are you using this macro before including juce.h



Nope, I’ll give a try ! Thanks,