Pre-built introjucer binaries will not run on 32-bit linux or windows

i downloaded the tarball from the main site today ( but the introjucer fails to run - have tried on two different distros - VectorLinux 7.0 and Ubuntu 12.10 (both 32-bit)

$ ./Introjucer
bash: ./Introjucer: cannot execute binary file

$ sh ./Introjucer
./Introjucer: 18: ./Introjucer: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

$ uname -a
Linux compaq 3.5.0-51-lowlatency #52-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon May 26 08:15:12 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

the latest clone of the git repo built and ran fine however

I'm not sure, but IIRC the pre-built one may be 64-bit.. That's the annoying thing about linux - it's very hard to build a binary that will run on everyone's distro.

as an update i downloaded the latest tarball yesterday from windows xp 32-bit and noticed that the windows binary also would not run - gave a messagebox "Introjucer.exe is not a valid Win32 program"


not a bit deal - it builds fine on both platforms - just mentioning it in case this was not known and to make clear to others who may come across this issue

Yeah, it was probably built with a later version of VS, which isn't necessarily backwards-compatible as far as XP. I'll have a look at this next time we're doing one of the pre-built bulds.