"This app can't run on your pc"

First time to try JUCE and I get this error message, “This app can’t run on your pc”. I made sure I downloaded JUCE for Windows, I ran as administrator, I can’t find any similar topics in this forum. I also can’t find any system requirements for JUCE.

My PC,

That’s because the Projucer executable we distribute is 64 bit, and your operating system is 32 bit (though you have a 64 bit processor).

You can build a 32 bit version of the Projucer yourself, but it’s a bit fiddly.

  • Open JUCE\extras\Projucer\Builds\VisualStudio2015\Projucer.vcxproj
  • Click on “x64” -> “Configuration Manager…” -> “Active Solution Platform” -> new -> “Win32” -> “OK” -> “Close”
  • Click on the green “play” sign - “Local Windows Debugger”

This should compile and run a version of the Projucer on your machine.

Another approach would be to update your operating system to 64 bit…

I see, this is where having system requirements on your download page could be helpful.

From what I can tell there is no upgrade to a 64 bit system. It would mean wiping the computer and loading everything from scratch. I’ll try your recommendation to build a 32 bit version and see if I can get it to work. Thanks

Yes, we need to improve our messaging. Thanks for flagging this up.

A 64 bit system is not a completely hard requirement - you’ll be using Visual Studio to compile all your (32 bit) projects anyway, and building the Projucer follows the same process. The 64 bit Projucer we distribute on our downloads page was created in the same way.

However, unfortunately, the Live Build feature is 64 bit only. Everything else will work as expected.

Let us know how you get on.

I’m surprised to see that Windows 10 is even sold in a 32-bit flavour!