Preserve local module changes disapeared in 4.2


I am merging my code to Windows and downloaded JUCE 4.2.3. On Mac I was working with 4.1.0.
An important change seems to be that the option for the modules: “Preserve Local Module Changes”, in the Projucer, disapeared.

I enabled it on Mac on some modules to make minor changes to the modules, and now my changes get overwritten when saving.
Why removing it? Is this feature still available somewhere? If not, what is the best way to make my modifications?

Thank you

The best and most sensible way to manage your code (and the way that most people do this) is to just GIT to manage those changes. If you clone the juce repo and create your own local branch with a few of your own changes, then you can just pull/rebase our changes and let GIT take care of merging your changes with ours.

It’s because the old “preserve changes” stuff encouraged such hacky workflow that we decided to remove it.

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