Preview audio in Logic or Pro Tools when transport stopped?

Is there a way to play audio when the transport is stopped in Logic and Pro Tools? We have the ability to listen to tones we generate to allow users to find the exact note they want (such as by clicking on an on-screen keyboard), by replacing the audio in the output buffer(s) with the generated tone. But it does not work in Logic when the transport is stopped, or in Pro Tools after a few seconds after stopping the transport.

Someone said in a related post here that we could call processBlock ourselves to do this, but I don’t get that. Where would the I/O buffers come from, and how would the audio make it to the speakers in that case?

Is there some reliable way to get audio to play (from an audio effect or midi-controlled effect) in this situation? It’s a bit of a pain having a neat feature that does not work in two major hosts.

With Logic… No solution. Except ARA maybe and that’s currently isn’t universal binary…
Hint hint… You already discussed that…

For Pro Tools, there’s and also vst3 there’s a flag you can ask the host to not optimize your audio plug-in.

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Adding an infinite tail time might be the solution for Pro Tools. (And maybe Cubase when the “suspend processing plugins when no audio” (or whatever it’s called) is checked?) But for Logic, it looks like Logic simply treats Melodyne differently, as a Generator, thus allowing the audio to be processed when not ARA and the transport is stopped.

Yep, that works for Pro Tools and for Cubase when that box is checked. Not for (non-ARA) Logic, though.

Logic do not allows this for performance reason for most plugins. Only specific white listed plugin can do it…

Do you know if there is someone we can contact to get whitelisted?

See PM

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Infinite (or even just a long tail time, like 7200 seconds or two hours) does not fix the problem in Pro Tools. If you let it stay silent for about 10 seconds after stopping the transport, then when you try to “preview” a note like this, no audio comes out.

If you keep “previewing” a note every second or two, then it somehow keeps the processing “alive”, and it keeps emitting tones. But let it sit for 10 seconds without hitting a key, and it goes silent.

Looking at the call hierarchy in Xcode, only the JuceAU and JuceVST3Component classes call this function. So naturally it has no affect in AAX.

Any other way to get Pro Tools to allow outputting audio after the transport has stopped?

As I’ve mentioned earlier. There are flags in the aax just for that. (And also in modern vst3)

Thanks. One of our devs just found that flag for AAX. For anyone curious, it’s

#define JucePlugin_AAXDisableDynamicProcessing 1