Logic Pro Process Block Calls for Synthesizer

Hello there,

My goal is to get processBlock() calls in Logic Pro X (AU) when the transport is stopped.

I’ve made synths before that are able to be played when the transport is stopped. The process block is continuously called, yet when making an audio effect the process block calls halt when the transport is stopped. How can I get process block calls to continue to be called?

I thought it was based on Audio/Instrument track, but Melodyne can playback their audio when the transport is stopped - as you drag notes up and down. How is this done without a processBlock call?

I also tried to mark my product as a ‘synth’ in the .jucer, and just about every AU device option there. Just trying random things at this point waiting for a surprise!

Any advice would be appreciated!

Melodyne get a special treatment. This is not something you can fix on your end.


My worst fear! I figured as much

One thing you can do is have your effect report an infinite tail length. Iirc your processing will not get suspended immediately then once activated. But the core problem persists, Logic will still suspend processing if the track with the effect is not selected and not playing. Nothing that can be done about it to my knowledge.