Pro Tools 10

Anyone do a Juce build targeting the PT10 SDK yet? They will be announcing Pro Tools 10 at AES, and the SDK has been out for the developers for a while. I’ve had no time to play with the SDK or the new DAW itself, just curious if any of you guys have had a chance to try it out?

I’m watching the webcast, and Avid just announced a new plugin format, AAX. 32-bit float, runs on both PT10 native and hardware accelerated.

So…how long until Juce supports this? :mrgreen:

Sean Costello

I’m downloading the AAX SDK right now. Jules, you should have access to this in your Digidesign developer account.

Sean Costello

I’ve been playing with this SDK for about three months now (here at Slate Digital we had the early development versions of AAX to start porting our plugins for the AES demo), and I have to say it is quite nice to work with.
Most interface objects have been fragmented into modules (GUI, Processing Algorithm & Data Model), which is great for allowing the code to run on most platforms (Native & HDX), but it did not seem straightforward to make a good Juce wrapper out of it like Jules did with RTAS, AU or VST.

One very appreciable thing Avid did though, is they added a Juce GUI extension to wrap their window-handling code around Component subclasses. So binding that to an AudioProcessorEditor was the easy part.

What I have so far is an interface between the Processing Callback and the processBlock method of an AudioProcessor instance. There must be a dozen ways to handle instanciation and creation of the AudioProcessor, the one I implemented is just suited to a demo so far (too dirty to be used in a decent wrapper).

I still need to work on the parameters, the big trick being to keep the compatibility with HDX hardware (as both the host and the DSP might need read and write access to the parameters).

Cool, thanks for the info. Crazy how soon they’ve released this after PT9…