Pro Tools error AAE 7054 and 7058

my client has those errors on one of his computer Macbook Air OSX 10.12.6 (Sierra) with Pro Tools 12.5.0.

While on Mac Mini with the same OSX and the same Pro Tools version and the same copy of plugin, there is no problem.

As I’ve heard those errors (especially 7054) has something to do with 32bit version of plugins. But of course my plugins are 64bit.

So I have no idea what could I do.

I found in that thread similar problem, but I always launch the projects from Projucer and don’t use any libraries other than Juce, and the Juce libraries which I use are static (I mean compiled in outputed binary in that case aax).

Have anyone already solved such problems?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards

One of the issues is mentioned here:

Could you check whether your client has installed the iTunes Device Support Update?

Hello, thanks for your link. I’ve just asked my client to pass their instructions. We will see if it helps.

Unfortunately your link doesn’t help.
My client has on both machines the last version of iTunes

So I am still looking for solution.

If somebody could help I would be very appreciate, while I can’t even (don’t know how) replicate issue on my machine.

Best Regards

I’ve also found other thread in Avid knowledge base:

But I am still waiting for my client will follow that thread.

But I am afraid it would not help, while my client has two errors simultaneously AAE 7054 and 7058.

Hello. Were you able to fix the aae-7058 problem?
I have the same problem after connecting my iphone.
pro tools 12.6, sierra

To be honest I gave up. My client was two instances of my plugin on two two separated computers. One on Macbook Air where the problem exists, and second one on Mac Mini (with the same configuratoion) where everything is OK, so my client told me it’s not big deal for him.

But I am still very interesting how to fix it? So if you find the solution, please inform me here and I would be very appreciate.

Hello! I upgraded my OS to high sierra. Pro tools 2019.5.0. Problem no longer appear.

Hmm… Interesting. Thanks for your info.

I think this is the same bug being discussed here: Issue with Audio Unit on 10.11 - #22 by jaydee

It affects some plugins on the users’ systems, but not all of them. Unfortunately, my plugins using Juce are in the group that no longer works.

Juce team: any idea what is going on here? I’d love to have a solution, versus “yeah, Apple broke some plugins that happen to use Juce, sorry.”

It sounds to me like the problem is some breakage in the MobileDevice framework, which is linked via CoreAudioKit, which in turn is required for AudioUnit UIs and Bluetooth MIDI support. Therefore, I’d expect all AudioUnit plugins with a custom UI to be affected, but other formats (AAX, VST3 etc.) may only be affected if they link CoreAudioKit. If your users have functioning AudioUnit plugins, then either there’s a way to use CoreAudioKit without triggering the break, or there’s a way of avoiding the CoreAudioKit dependency altogether for some AudioUnits.

Can you find out whether your users have functioning third-party AudioUnits?

When I built with 10.12 SDK I didn’t had the issue.
Since adding arm version I had to move to the latest SDK (unfortunately you cannot have a per arch SDK unless you lipo manually even if xcode allows to set it up)
So it’s related to newer SDK, so other 3rd party AU can avoid this using older SDK

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