Problem parsing XML


I have a XML in UTF-8:

This is the problem line:

When I read the attributes, with “childMain->getAttributeName(i)” and “childMain->getAttributeValue(i)”, the name is correct:
text, but the attribute is Añadir capa" with the " at the end.

Of course, the XML begins with:

Any idea?



Are you using the latest version?


I downloaded the last version the 2 june 2011.


Well, it probably hasn’t changed since then, but I’d appreciate you trying out the latest version, before I spend time trying to debug it…


I’ve just installed version 1.54.4 (last available from “The Introjucer”) and the problem persists


Ok, thanks! It’s just a small bug, I’ll sort it out right away!


Thanks a lot!!!


Downloaded version 1.54.6 and solved!!!

Thanks for the quick patch!