Problem with the textButton


I am facing a starbge problem witht the text buttons. I had already 4 text buttons(statically created buttons) in a component and all were working properly. Now, I wanted one more and I just added one more entry to the button list. Its throwing an exception. I couldnt even imagine what might be the problem. Below is the code,


class MenuComponent    : public Component,
                            public ButtonListener,
                            public ChangeListener


    homeButton, settingsButton, recordButton, playButton;

    void buttonClicked(Button*) override;


In this, if I add an entry to the button list like " homeButton, settingsButton, recordButton, playButton, mybutton;"(I didnt add any code for the newly added button), It is throwing the below exception,


"Unhandled exception at 0x668FBC48 in FormalAudioApp.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x668FBC48."



This is why the debugger was invented. Try using one!


Thanks!!!! I will use the debugger and will try to solve it. I am trying to implement a stand-alone windows application.


Could you please suggest a good debugger for this?? I am new to this.... 

All modern IDEs (Visual Studio, Xcode, etc.) have an integrated debugger. See for example