Project info dump


I can easily parse the Edit files of Waveform which are XML but the single project file is still in binary format. I found some info about this in the forum.

Is there a way to dump the information? Using Python? Using a small JUCE program for this purpose?

Specifically I want to resolve the source property of an AUDIOCLIP to its audio file pathname, and then use it in Python to do some analysis and automations in the Edit XML data.

Thank you.

Unfortunately not, Project stores in a custom binary format so you can’t easily view it in other software. Probably the best bet is to build a simple tracktion_engine based CLI app that loads a project and dumps the info you need in a suitable format for your scripts to consume.

I would like to move it to a ValueTree/XML format at some point but as we’re not generally recommending new engine users use Project, it’s not very high priority (and backwards compatibility would be a pain).

Can I ask what it’s for? Are you parsing Waveform project files or your own tracktion_engine based app?

I’m using Waveform to record & master our band and want to add volume automation using a script. This is already working since the Edits are XML files.

If I can also analyze the audio tracks by the external script, this will make the automatically added volume automation even more intelligent.

Can I get the track filenames info via the Waveform API? If not, can you recommend someone on Fiverr/Upwork or other freelance site who can code the simple tracktion_engine based CLI app for me?