Open a Tracktion 7 project in a multitrack audioplayer via the tracktion engine?

Hi there,
first of all a big thank you to the Tracktion team, that you’ve open sourced the Tracktion Engine! That’s awesome!
I have the following plan: I would like to develop a kind of multitrack audioplayer. Like in a DAW it should be possible to play all tracks at the same time or to mute/solo some of them. And the best would be, if you could load a daw project into this audio player.
–> I’m sure, with the tracktion engine you can develop such a multitrack audioplayer, but could you also be able to open and play the project files of Tracktion 7 (the *.tracktionedit)?

PS: Just simply using Tracktion 7 for playback is no option for me. The user shall not see a daw, with all its editing functions, only a audioplayer with multiple tracks… :confused:

Yes, you can share projects between Tracktion/Waveform and projects built with Tracktion engine. All Tracktion/Waveform projects will open in Tracktion Engine. Tracktion Engine projects will require the latest version of Waveform.

However if you want to open T7/W projects you will need to use the ProjectManager, which we discourage for new projects unless needed.

In Waveform we have a project file and an edit file. The project file stores the locations of all the audio files and assigns them an id. Then the edit just uses ids to look up files. In the engine we’ve made this optional and the edit file can just store a relative path to the audio files. For legacy reasons, Waveform needs to keep the project files.

There are a few plugins like Subtractive, Multi Sampler, Drum Sampler etc that aren’t part of the engine and aren’t VSTs for sale individually either. You’ll still be able to open edits that use them, but they won’t be there.