Projucer (6.0.8) and VS (16.9.4) Error

I updated Visual Studio to version 16.9.4 and any generated project with Projucer(6.0.8), when I built in VS I got this error message:

I have tried deleting the Build folder, cleaning the project, deleting VS and reinstalling it, but I kept getting the same error message.
Finally, I downgraded the VS to the 16.9.3 and everything works fine again.

I leave this here to report it and to inform the JUCE team.

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It looks like this is a Visual Studio bug with copying the .pdb file for static library targets -

That thread indicates that this has been fixed in the VS2019 Preview build and should be fixed in an upcoming update.

I can confirm that the latest Visual Studio 2019 Preview (16.10.0 Preview 1.0) fixes the issue.

Is there a simple way to access this preview build or to revert to the .3 version?
I can also no longer build plugins after installing this .4 version.

Visual Studio Preview is available from Visual Studio Preview and you should be able to get older versions from this page - Visual Studio 2019 build numbers and release dates | Microsoft Docs

Thanks very much!

Yup. Had to uninstall and get the older version. Lovely.
Note to self; Do not update any Microsoft products unless you absolutely have to lol

Unfortunately, I can confirm that Visual Studio 2019 Community 16.10.0 Preview 2.0 seems to prang it again. I had to uninstall and revert to 16.9.3.

you can comment out line 1480-1482 in Microsoft.CppCommon.targets file, as a temporary workaround.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\ \MSBuild\Microsoft\VC\v160\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets

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I think it’s the other way around -this fix, which applies to 16.9.4 and 16.10 preview 2, may have caused this other issue.

Super, thanks!

We’ve pushed a workaround for this to develop in case this isn’t fixed for a while in Visual Studio: