Projucer (6) asks to save after Save and Open in IDE (Xcode)

Every time I use Save and Open in IDE, when I go to close that project in Projucer, it prompts me to Save again. What is it that needs saving, when I just saved via Save and Open in IDE? I’m worried that something is getting changed that is not reflected in the Xcode project somehow, so I close the Xcode project, hit command+S to Save, then click Save and Open in IDE again, and then when I close the project in Projucer, it no longer prompts me to Save. Maybe it’s not an actual problem, but it’s kind of disconcerting that there appears to be something not saved when first doing this. I don’t know whether to go ahead and Save again (in case something changed somehow), or ignore it and close the project without saving.

That was an issue with a recent commit where we added the jucerFormatVersion property to .jucer files. It’s been fixed in 916bba5 but has no effect on the generated projects or the contents of the .jucer file.

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great, thanks!