Projucer "advanced" workflow

Hi all,
I recently stumbled upon this again: how exactly I’m I supposed to use the Projucer. E.g. simple case:
I code away in Xcode, creating new cpp and h files, writing XCTests – and then I need to include a new JUCE module. So I open up Projucer, add the module, save the project and the Xcode projects settings get set back to a point, where it is easier to manually add the JUCE module in Xcode than re-adding all files to Xcode and recreating the test setup.

So how am I supposed to handle this situation?
Best, Rincewind

You add the files to Projucer, not Xcode. Likewise for changing project settings.

When I’m refactoring, I create files like every 15 minutes. Having to work with two IDEs is just straight a waste of time. Not to mention that I couldn’t figure out how to get the test target to work and also setting aside that there are a tone of settings that I can’t even access using Projucer.

In that case, Projucer doesn’t seem like it’s the right tool for you. You can also use CMake, which gives you more control, or manage the project yourself in Xcode like you’ve been doing.

I think the value of Projucer / CMake is primarily for handling cross-platform support. So rather than managing separate Xcode and Visual Studio projects, you only have the one Projucer project.


For my project all my code is organized inside my own JUCE modules. When i add a file, it automagically appears in Xcode. And I just have then to include it into the module’s CPP/HPP files to compile it also. I didn’t opened the Projucer since monthes (as i rarely change any settings).


neither the projucer nor your ide needs to be reopened when you add, remove or modify files. you just press ctrl+p in the projucer and go back to your ide for the changes to appear

The problem with Projucer and the last update of VS2019, once you press Ctrl-P, VS compiles the full project, so if you have a big one, it will last for a while, discouraging you from adding files - if someone knows how this can be changed, please let me know.

So, I’m working in the inverse way: adding files with VS in folders, and then, when I need to do some changes to the Projucer settings, importing all files at once.

I always just add files in the IDE – when I’m done working before I commit I reopen projucer & delete & re-add the folder with the new files. Not a huge deal at all when working on one plugin…

The issue is when you have 10 plugins all sharing that folder of code and you need to update every jucer project

That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of the Projucer and biggest advantages of CMake – in CMake, each directory can manage its own contents, and projects just say “I depend on directory X”, so any changes to directory X require no changes to project code at all.

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This whole time, I’ve being using ctrl-S to save - presumably individual files - instead of ctrl-P to save - presumably the whole project. Thanks for pointing that out @Mrugalla.

I’ve had problems with this route when I add source files in my IDE and close it, before adding in Projucer. The next time Projucer rebuilds the project, it will delete the unknown alien files. However, it’s still preferable because groups in Projucer don’t seem to correspond to the directory tree, so, I’ve never managed to get a source file in /folder and a header in /folder/include when adding them directly from Projucer.

You what now?

Seems like you’d be running a risk of losing data/files every time. One mistake in the order you do things or one forgotten file and it’s just deleted.

Thanks for sharing this, one more reason to try out pamplejuce!