Projucer Compile errors

I’m in the middle of setting up a Windows Dev Machine. I just clean installed Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017 CE and JUCE.

I’ve managed to work through a number of issues, but I’m now getting an error message in the Projucer as follows:

error STL1000: Unexpected compiler version, expected Clang 7 or newer.

When I export and compile in Visual Studio it works no problems.

Any suggestions on a fix? I’m scratching my head.

It seems to be an issue with recent versions of Visual Studio 2017. It was already reported here: Live Build Engine crashes after VS update, but it might take some time to the JUCE team to find a solution.

Thanks McMartin. I’ll follow that thread.
Thanks for the quick response. It was really doing my head in.

Please see this thread:

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