'Outdated' error when compiling new projucer!

Hello, When I get the latest Devleop. Trying to compile Projucer - I’m getting this error in many files because of…
In AppConfig.h

fatal error C1189: #error:  "This project was last saved using an outdated version of the Projucer! Re-save this project with the latest version to fix this error."

So to compile it, I simply change that define to 050406

Are you sure you’re on the latest develop and are compiling the Projucer from that folder? The JUCE_PROJUCER_VERSION define was bumped in this commit before the release:

Yeah. It’s a bit weird I just got the latest. I got it again just after posting and it’s now correct. I don’t understand, I guess it’s a "Github Desktop’ thing, although I suspect not. Oh well never mind. All sorted now, thanks for replying.

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