Projucer backwards compatibility

Please consider previous default settings when opening project files created by an earlier version of Projucer.

For example USE_HEADERMAP should default to Yes, if a pre-5.1.1 file is opened. Or the older ‘32-bit’ value for Windows architecture should convert to ‘Win32’ silently.

Now when projects are opened (e.g. a previous 5.x.x), they behave significantly different, don’t even compile anymore in some instances. This leaves us figuring out what’s going on, which is a very time consuming process. I for one, am scratching my head for over an hour now, why an AudioUnit is suddenly throwing Rez errors, supposedly because UseExtendedThingResource is no longer defined. How come? Obviously some other Projucer setting has also changed that I am not yet aware of.

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What is the status on it? Currently, I include the Projucer.exe/.app in the project now to be able to modify the older project later, but it seems a bit strange especially if it is using shared settings for all the Projucer versions (at least the startup reopen will reopen projects saved in other Projucer versions).

Also if I am working on 2 different projects with 2 different JUCE versions, I have to be careful to close the project before closing Projucer otherwise if I accidentally resave the .jucer project in a newer Projucer, then I can have issues.

How much the Projucer is backward compatible? Can we make sure it won’t overwrite an old version project with new settings that can cause compilation problems?