Repeated login requests from projucer

Every other time I load Projucer 5 it asks me to log in again. Why? Is Projucer v4 overwriting something? It’s pretty annoying!

Actually it’s more than this - it’s lost all my bloody global paths too… !

Yes, the Projucer has a single common settings file stored on your machine so if you’re using multiple versions the settings will be overwritten.

Mmmm, any suggestions on how to manage this?

Perhaps you could make a local copy of your JUCE 5 settings and switch them out when you are changing versions? Not particularly elegant but it’s the best I can think of…

The way we have JUCE set up here each project has a juce submodule, we build the version of the projucer associated with the project and use that. Not all projects are upgraded at the same nano-second to the latest JUCE. Presumably other people still have some projects on older versions too? Maybe in future the Projucer could write settings in such a way that it doesn’t risk them being overwritten by previous versions of itself.

How about using a different file in future, which is divided into sections based on version, and if the Projucer doesn’t understand the content it leaves it in place ratehr than deleting it :slight_smile:

bump - this is still VERY annoying!