Multiple JUCE & Projucer versions on one computer

I’d be interested to hear how everybody is dealing with it, as I have a couple of problems and wondering if it’s me not working the proper way with multiple projects…

So I have multiple projects, some finished, some ongoing and as they started at different times they are bounded to different JUCE versions. I was solving this by adding JUCE as a git submodul to my certain projects and kept the compiled Projucer of that version in the project folder. But run into a few issues:

  • Projucers doesn’t have their own config so they use a common config file. It means I have to be aware of closing the projects in one Projucer before opening a different Projucer version and accidentally overwriting the older .jucer file. Is there a way to save local config for Projucer?
  • Projucer’s global folder settings don’t accept relative folders (although in the tooltip it says it accepts, that’s not the case) for the JUCE and Modules directories (at least on Windows), so you can’t have several JUCE folders (using a global relative to your projects setting) unless you change this global absolute path every time when switching projects when you want to resave an old project. It seems Projucer needs one dedicated folder for that path. I know I can set every module to my project’s submodul directory, so I don’t have to use the global submodul dir at all, but still, I can’t save a project if the global JUCE directory is not set to an absolute path as it seems the Projucer adds some include directories to the VS project from that path.
  • Older Projucer is always hassling me that there is an update… and I shouldn’t use the old one.

I know I could upgrade the older projects to the latest version, but if I don’t have any reason then I don’t want to waste time on that.

So how everyone keeps track of projects with different JUCE versions?

We use a local version of JUCE in each project – so if you change the JUCE version it doesn’t affect the project.


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Yes, that’s what I told, but it’s not really working if you want to use the old PROJUCER (of that old project) to modify something as Projucer will use common settings with all the other probably newer versions and also it needs a global absolute JUCE folder?