Projucer prefs and different versions of JUCE - can they co-exist?

I have to keep using JUCE 4 because JUCE 5 is not giving me a working virtual midi output.

I’d like to be able to keep trying things in both versions, but the projucer settings interact, presumably because they are saved in the home folder in the same place.

Is there a straightforward way to keep the V4 and V5 installs with their separate projucers completely separate?

No, the Projucer will only use the one Projucer.settings file in ~./config (I’m assuming you are on Linux from your previous posts). If you really need to use 2 separate versions I suppose you could keep local copies of your v4 and v5 settings files and then swap them in depending on which version you are using.

OK I guess I’ll do that. It would be great if it could be user specified or at least default to a different folder for different major versions of the projucer.

tangentially to that is it safe / advisable to use the V5 projucer with a V4 project? I have been using the V4 projucer with V4 but since it loads the same settings anyway there doesn’t seem much point.

Yes, provided you don’t then need to open the project in the JUCE 4 Projucer after saving with the JUCE 5 Projucer as it may overwrite some settings or write settings that can’t be parsed by an older version. We do try to maintain backwards compatibility between versions as much as possible but sometimes breaking changes need to be made.