Projucer crashes on ubuntu 15.10 intel 64-bit

I just decided to try juce, downloaded the 'linux' distribution, unpacked into my home folder

and when I start up 'Projucer' as the tutorial suggests, nuthin happens.

Trying it from a terminal, I get:

"$ juce/Projucer

Illegal instruction (core dumped)"




Yes, we try to provide a build that will run on most linux distros, but there'll always be some where it won't work. (Odd that it doesn't work on Ubuntu 15 though, as that's what we use here... Not sure what might be different about your setup)

You can still build + run the Introjucer of course, to get everything apart from the live coding stuff.

I have this as well on my machine but found that if you build it directly from source it worked fine. Make sure you have any depencies installed or it won't build. The list is here

Its happening also on ubuntu 16.04 64bit