Projucer creates duplicate C|Include entries for module headers


Ah yes that was a typo sorry, I’ve edited my post above. This won’t break exporting projects - the getAllPossibleModulePathsFromExporters() method is used to populate the list of available modules on the machine so should only be dealing with exporters for the platform the Projucer is running on at the time.


If that’s the case then why does Projucer even bother creating those IDE projects and folders for other platforms? I always imagined someone would maybe use this to create everything at once on a remote build machine. If you at ROLI do the “resave all projects”, don’t you do this on one platform for all platforms?

But if potentially broken projects are created (due to incorrect parsing of absolute paths for other platforms), why create them at all?


Yep, there shouldn’t be other platform paths in the generated projects - as I mentioned above this was a bit of an odd edge case as C:\JUCE\modules was being seen as equivalent to /JUCE/modules and was being added to the paths incorrectly. I’ve pushed the fix above and it should be on develop shortly, it’ll make it’s way on to master when we do a point-release some time next week.

Thanks for your help with this.