Projucer "Enable Plugin Copy Step" strange Mac behavior

In Windows 10, the “Enable Plugin Copy Step” option works like I think it should - it builds the binaries to the project’s primary “Binary Location”, and then it copies (not moves) them to the plug-in folders.

On Mac, however, the behavior is inconsistent:

  1. If the project build folder is empty: It will write the plug-ins to the plug-in folders, but then only put aliases to those plug-in files in the project build folder.

  2. If the project build folder has actual plug-in builds in it (e.g. from first building a project with the “Enable Plugin Copy Step” option OFF): It won’t update or touch the plug-in builds. It does write a new shared library (.a file) there, but the new plug-in files are written only to the plug-in folders, not to the project build folder.

Is this expected behavior or a bug?