Plugin links of Mac

Hi, seems like instead of binaries being copied across to ~/Library/Plugins on Macs, this is now a link.

This is not working for me and I’m having to manually copy across the actual binary myself.

Is there something I need to do or are other people seeing this also?


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Did you try this on a clean project?

I’m suffering from this mostly with Logic / AU and if the plug-in has ARA.
(even if not using running an ARA instance of the binary).

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Hi, when you say clean project do you mean creating a new project from scratch?

For my projects I’ve built the latest Projucer, saved all the projects, cleaned down the build folders and then build them. I’m not sure whether the problem is the fact that it’s generating links and shouldn’t be, or there’s something strange my end where the links should work and don’t.


We have the same issue!

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FYI - also AAX is broken once code signed and running under vanilla Pro Tools.

Are there any updates from the JUCE team regarding this issue? It persists in JUCE v7.0.10

Same here. That’s pretty unpleasant.

I hit this today. I ended up using Projucer to set up the project to build the plugin in the Plug-Ins folder so I didn’t have to keep copying the plugin across.

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