macOS audio plugin : symlink problem


First thanks again for JUCE : the more i use it the more i love it. :grinning:

Here is the project i work on:

Everything works perfectly on windows.
On macOS 10.13/Juce and projucer 5.1.2/Xcode 9.0, I have some “file not found problems” during the post build phase.
The ln/symlink command of the vst/component looks wrong.

The vst/component in my build folder target non existing files in the plugin folder.

Here is what i see in the log:

Do i do something wrong ?
Thanks for your help,


Hi Xavier,

I think you should simply delete the custom “Post-build shell script”, which has become obsolete. Indeed, Projucer is already building your plugin under /Users/xavier/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, and there is no need to copy it further more.

I hope that helps!



Thanks a lot Alain, yes that helps.
My plugins works now on macOS :slight_smile:

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