VST/AU builds fail after upgrading to Xcode 15

I woke up this morning and found that Apple threw me a shotgun wedding with Xcode 15. Now I seem to have a problem when trying to build VST/AU (standalone works fine). There seems to be a circular reference issue between shared_code and binary data. Before I start dumping endless logs here, has anyone else had this issue recently?

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Ok so looks like something funky is going on with VST3 Manifest Helper:

note: Building targets in dependency order
note: Target dependency graph (3 targets)
    Target 'Owl Control - VST3' in project 'Owl Control'
        ➜ Explicit dependency on target 'Owl Control - Shared Code' in project 'Owl Control'
        ➜ Explicit dependency on target 'Owl Control - VST3 Manifest Helper' in project 'Owl Control'
    Target 'Owl Control - VST3 Manifest Helper' in project 'Owl Control' (no dependencies)
    Target 'Owl Control - Shared Code' in project 'Owl Control' (no dependencies)

I see that there are some recent posts about similar issues but I should mention that this is a simple project without external dependancies or pre/post build scripts. It just started after upgrading Xcode15, I am using Juce 7.0.7 (project generated with Projucer).

A couple of fixes for this were added after the 7.0.7 master release. If you haven’t already, please try updating to the develop branch and check whether the problem persists.

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Yes! Develop branch to the rescue. OK back to work.

I have found another building failure issue of this due to the default value of “Installation Build Products Location” for both the VST target and the AU target.

By removing the customized value of this property, this issue disappears:

I have tried to use the developer branch (move all the files and folders in the folder Juce-develop into my main JUCE folder) however the issue persists, is this not the correct way to move to the develop branch?

No; you also need to rebuild the Projucer from the develop branch, then resave your project using the Projucer you just built.

Ahh i see, thanks. I opened up the Projucer.xcodeproj and built, the error seems to have gone away but is now replaced with a different one. Xcode says it can’t call “mkdir /Builds/MacOSX/build/Debug/plugin.vst3”. So something to do with permissions? I’m unsure what process would be calling this so I wouldn’t know how to configure these permissions properly.

I get this error too. After deleting the build folder once it seems to go away.

Same problem with my machine, XCode 15, AU build fails due to circular references.
JUCE 7.0.7

I think I remember getting something similar that cleaning or deleting the build folder fixed