[SOLVED] Recommended Xcode version

Which Xcode version is recommended for JUCE 7.0.9 (master)?

I was reading

and decided to stop Xcode automatic updates. Now i only need to decide which version i should stick with until next JUCE update.

I’m running Xcode version 15.1, MacOS Sonoma 14.1.2 and JUCE 7.0.9 (Master) at the moment without any major issues or build failures. Adding the Preprocessor definitions and Linker Flags is the only step needed to remove any errors / failures.

I think the main reason for the build failures was the jump from Xcode 14 to Xcode 15 (it was when the errors started for me anyways). I’m assuming it was something to do with Apple instead of JUCE itself. I might also disable automatic updates too now that you mention it!

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At this very moment I would say if you can stick with Xcode 14 on the master branch do so until the next release. If you’re using the develop branch or you wait for the next release on the master branch you should be able to use Xcode 15.1+ without the need for any extra preprocessor or linker flags.

As a general rule of thumb though I’ve tended to avoid upgrading Xcode until the beta for the next version has been released. That is I wouldn’t normally update to Xcode 15 until Xcode 16 beta has been released.

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That pretty much settles it. Thanks for the advice!