Updating xcode. Possible issues?

General xcode+JUCE question!

I’m thinking of updating xcode to version 7.2.1 (last version that supports osx 10.10) I’m currently on v6.4.

Are there any horror stories or things I should be aware of that might break (delivered) JUCE projects?

Is time machine usable like Windows style system restore, so I can roll back the computer to before the install?

Thanks Mac gurus! :slight_smile:

I was on Xcode 7 for a while. No issues to write about. I’m now on Xcode 8, also seems fine…

The only issue I’ve had is that Xcode 7+ tends to crash frequently while editing – it has something to do with the autocomplete or lookup database in Xcode… so I tend to save more frequently.


Thanks guys.

Do you have any widely deployed products that you built + shipped a new version of, after upgrading to a new xcode?? i.e. no issues with end users there?

Xcode 8 (I’m using 8.2.1) on Sierra can compile JUCE applications and plug-ins which are compatible with OS X 10.6 (and possibly older than this with a few tweaks).

If possible I would recommend using the latest version of Xcode with JUCE.

Linking in this thread in case anyone has this issue after upgrading xcode

https://github.com/phracker/MacOSX-SDKs is a very useful resource if you want to target multiple versions of OS X.

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