Minimum OSX and Xcode versions for building JUCE?


I’m just starting out with JUCE on OSX.

Because we maintain compatability for our products back to OSX 10.4, I’m using a 10.4 machine as my main dev machine, and Xcode 2.2 (yes I know that’s very old)

Trying to load up the Xcode project, unsurprisingly, tells me that its from a newer version of Xcode, and then I can’t get it to build anything - fair enough.

Please could someone tell me what the minimum OSX and Xcode versions are to be able to build JUCE stuff?



I think those might be a bit too old now.

Bear in mind that the Apple-approved way to support old OSes is to do your build with the latest version of Xcode and the latest SDK, but to set the compatibility level back to 10.4 or whatever.

Yeah, sure - its no surprise. We’ve got a few test Mac’s on different OSX versions, so I just want to get a hint about which ones will probably be usable for this.

What OSX and Xcode versions are you using at the moment Jules, just to give me some idea?

I’m still on 10.6 and 3.2.5


I build in XCode 3.2.4, set the SDK to 10.5, and the compatibility to 10.4. I use GCC 4.0. It works for PPC and Intel, 10.4/10.5/10.6, and I’ve had reports that things work well on 10.7.

Jules, have you installed 10.7 on a separate hard drive to ensure that everything works there? I’m about to do this. Apparently Apple decided to redefine some Audio Unit things again. sigh

Sean Costello

No, I’ve not installed it yet, I don’t have the time to faff around creating multiple OS installations. My plan is just to upgrade in a couple of weeks and dive right in.

Hold out for 7.1. I’ve installed Lion on two machines, and whilst in general I like it, it bogs down crazily at times. It feels like it’s perpetually RAM starved even when plenty is shown as free.

Other people I know who’ve upgraded give mixed reports. As far as I can tell, Lion seems to be: fractionally smoother than SL / about the same / a dog. This seems to depend entirely on luck.

On the upside, XCode4.1[1] does a good job of not breaking XCode3. Both seem to coexist quite happily on my machine.

[1] Less so, iTunes, as I needed to reinstall iTunes after installing 4.1.

Thanks for the tip!