Juce on OSX 10.5 with Xcode 3.0?

I’m having problems building anything with the latest tip using 10.5. I’m only using Xcode 3.0 because I can’t update to 3.2 without updating to OSX 10.6. Is this a problem? The pre-compiled Introjucer from the sourceforge site dies when I save a project. Trying to build it myself gives me errors regarding CTRunGetAdvance. I found some mention of CTRunGetAdvance in earlier threads but I couldn’t find a solution.

Ah, I really think you’ll need to upgrade - I’ve not tried building in 10.5 for a very long time and can’t give any guarantees that the latest code will still work with it.

That’s what I was afraid of. Apple does my bin in at times.

I got it compiling on Xcode 3.1.4 (latest 10.5 version) with some changes. I’m not sure what the real fix is but if you force JUCE_CORETEXT_AVAILABLE to 0 rather than 1 (in the juce_mac_Fonts.mm file that should work). I really haven’t had time to look why (the 10.5 system is not mine, I was helping someone else…)

I know what you mean, i had problems with the CTRunGetAdvance as well, can’t remember what is was but angrily updated to a newer version of the os.

As a developer it make sense to upgrade to a newer system, but i hope it does not mean that Juce is not compatible with 10.5 anymore.
I mean 10.5 is old but not that old (26 oktober 2007), i still know quite a few people still running and i bet many of my clients are still as well.
It would be good to clearly state which version of Juce still supports 10.5 and from what version you need 10.6 or higher.

You can still build 10.5-compatible apps if you’re running Xcode 4 and 10.7… Apple actually recommends always using the latest SDKs, and setting the backwards-compatibility level, rather than doing your build on an older platform. That way the code can make use of the newer features if they’re there, but also still runs on older systems.