Old vercions of JUCE

Hello! Where can i get previous version os JUCE that works os OS X 10.6?

You can clone and/or download any version as zip file directly from github. Just browse the tags:

Maybe i am doing something wrong, but I’m only available the latest version from it

Or select a branch or tag (that’s probably what you are looking for) and click then download (that’s what @myhrman meant)
Third variant: get a git client, clone into the repository and use git checkout

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Thank you very much!

I have a bonus question: What’s the latest Juce version that supports OSX 10.6.8?

I just installed 5.3.1, but Projucer doesn’t even start up on my old Mac. It crashes even before I see the UI or anything.

Why are you still running 10.6.8???


JUCE has stopped to compile on my old macbook (10.6.8) at end of version 3 (IIRC).

Probably at that time < Introjucer fails to build with C++98 >.

Oh, that far back, huh? Hmm.

And yes, it’s a very old macbook, and I don’t think it can be upgraded. I guess I should buy a new one, or get someone with a modern mac to compile my plugin for me. (My main computer is Windows 10.)

The Mac Books, that are stuck with 10.6.8 are the 32 bit processor ones, last sold 2006 (12 years ago).
I also own one, that runs technically, but with the OS not being upgraded, it is actually also risky to keep using it…

I know, and I’m reluctant to going online with it. I got it really cheap because I wanted that sexy Sculpture synth that Logic has.

I wonder if I could output an X Code using Projucer on Windows, and then coping the output over to the Mac? That won’t really fly, will it?

What Xcode version can you even run on the old Mac?

I’ve packed it away again, but I’ll check soon. I’m sure it’s some ancient version. In fact, I might run into trouble with C++ 11 and such. I guess I should just bite the sour apple (that’s a danish expression), and go find a proper Mac. Thanks for your advice.

Might be a shot in the dark, but maybe it’s possible to get some modern C++ compiler working even on the old system even if newer Xcode IDEs do not work? (But probably tons of hassle to go through…)

TBH I’m not 100% sure that something you compile on an ancient system like that will actually still work on the latest OS versions.

If you build on 10.6.8 it’ll probably use quite a few API calls that have since been deprecated, and although they tend to make the new OSes backwards-compatible for quite a few years, I would expect that some of those old APIs are now entirely gone (or certainly will be soon).

I love that, it fits perfectly with the logo and the pains it causes your wallet :slight_smile: