Request: JucePluginHost build for OSX 10.5

Hello there, I'm developing some plugins and want to test how they work on OSX.

The problem is that I don't have an apple computer, so I can only test it (and build) in a VM. Also, the only OSX version I was able to install and run so far is 10.5. There are not many apps out there that still support 10.5...


Can anyone build JucePluginHost for OSX 10.5 for me please?

Debug enabled, both 32bit and 64bit if possible please. Preferably latest juce git (to get the new Cocoa in 32bit VST hack).


Thanks very much in advance!


EDIT: I did try to build it myself, but the xcode project provided is too new. I tried hacking the Linux makefile, which did build in the end but running the binary got me no OSX menus... :(


You should be able to download older versions of JUCE from Github and build on an older system.

(But DAWs are a moving target, and  you probably want to look into getting a newer OSX running if you want to get anything built for modern macs DAWs.  You might be able to get away with OSX 10.6 since it will run Xcode >3.2 / <4.2.1.  You can probably get a used intel MacMini1,1 for a couple hundred bucks on ebay, but you'll need i think a Macmini3,1/late 2009 or higher to get OSX 10.9/Xcode5.)