Problems with compiling for MAC OSX 10.5 and earlier

After loading the latest updates with git, and compiling the VST and AU plugins, they would not run but crash the system on MAC OSX 10.5 and earlier, however they work fine under newer OSX.
Does anybody know what type of changes were made in the latest module updates from git that might have caused this problem? Any new classes added that are not supported by OSX 10.4 or 10.5?

The Apple model is ‘always build with the latest SDK’, which Jule’s follows. Although I haven’t tried the plug-ins, I’m still able to build apps with Juce that run on 10.5. However, there are some gotcha’s. For example, the default is the Apple LLVM compiler, which is greatly improved, but it doesn’t always link correctly to the older run time. So, if you want to build for 10.5, you need to change to the older GCC compiler.

Pre-10.5 just became broken very recently. That is in a handful of conditional spots that stuff that used to be public in base classes is now private, and the whacked old font code. If you want to build for pre-10.5, I’d go back to just prior to the official 2.x release, then just cherry pick any fixes you need (though it was pretty stable).

If you want to build on 10.5, my advice would be, don’t. But I’m not the one that would have to pay to upgrade/update you… :wink:

Helpful to know which XCode Version and which base SDK you are using. I made the experience that XCode 3 and the base SDK 10.6 isn’t compatible with OSX 10.5, so i have to use base sdk 10.5 especially for AU (for VST i use 10.6)
Of cause target SDK is always 10.5.

Would be interisting to know if base sdk 10.7 and Xcode 4 will repair this backwards compatibility bug, to 10.5 (anyone?)

Do you have a crashlog/callstack?

There is no problem with compiling with the latest Juce 2.0 and 2.0.21 modules. The issue begins after downloading the latest modules through git.
So far I was able to successfully compile the plugins for MAC OS X 10.4 with the modules version 2.0.21 using Xcode 4.2 on MAC OS X 10.6.8 with the following settings:
Architecture: 32-bit,
Base SDK: MAC OS X 10.5,
Compiler: Apple LLVM compiler 3.0,
MAC OS X Deployment target: MAC OS X 10.4.