MAC OSX - problems with older OS versions

Just trying to understand how the MAC works. I have Wusik 4000 compiled on Mavericks with the latest XCode. It runs perfectly on that OSX version on my machine and all other beta-testers machines. BUT, older OSX versions such as 10.6 it won't run. Is there anything I can do so it does? Why it doesn't I can't figure out, as I don't have such older OSX version here to install. Any tips, please?

Thank you all in advance. :-)

Best Regards, WilliamK

I suppose you have already set the Mac OSX deplyment target to an older version ?

Still, AFAIK, If you want to support pre 10.7, you cannot use xocde 5 because of LLVM C++ std lib

Got it, thank you. So the question is, could I just tell people we support MAC OSX 10.7 and forward, or are people still stuck on 10.6 for GOOD reasons? Just trying to figure things out. ;-)

There are still people out there that use 10.6. I don't think that most of them have a reason for this, but why take the risk and update a stable running studio setup?

Reason could be that sometimes hardware cannot run Mac OS X > 10.6!

In my case i can not throw an old brave computer that works fine. I have no idea about the distribution of OS among users. It's a statistic that seems rather secret. 

Indeed, thanks guys. It looks like I can still download older XCode versions from the following link:

But which XCode should I use that would be more compatible? I see 4.6.3, 4.6.2 and several older versions too. Any tips? I'm trying to google to check this info out but so far no luck...

Thanks again!!

I have no problems building for 10.6 using 10.9+Xcode5.  I just rolled a 10.6 version of introjucer and the demo plugin and opened them in AULab on 10.6.8 32-but just to be sure it din't change.  What specific troubles are you having?

Thanks bud. But 10.6.2 is the problematic one from what users reported back, so I need to investigate more.

Indeed, I was able to just target OSX 10.6 and it all works now! Thanks guys!