XCode 10 "Cycle in dependances between targets 'MyPlugIn.aax' and MyPlugIn.vst" error

Upgraded to Xcode 10 and have a weird intermittant build error. About 1 in 4 builds are passing correctly, the other 3 times I’ll have the “Cycle in dependencies” error, which is obviously annoying especially when they occur on full archive builds.

Anyone have a solution? I’m using Juce 5.4 and the project is generated with this version’s projucer.

Please make sure you are using the “Legacy Build System” in Xcode (under File → Project Settings → Build System).


Nice one @McMartin :+1:

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I encountered the same problem on XCode 15 (2023.9.18 Release). Downgrading it to 14 worked for me.


Or: update to the latest develop branch, which solves this issue.

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Can confirm this works. I had no issues with standalone, but got this error when building VST3:
Cycle inside (PluginName) - Shared Code; building could produce unreliable results.

Downloaded the Develop branch and built the Projucer and now JUCE works with Xcode 15.

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