Project doesn't build anymore after Xcode and Sonoma update

I have been getting this error message whenever I try to build and run my project after the new updates. I tried getting the new updates from juce from the developer branch on GitHub and that didn’t seem to work either. I even tried moving some things around in my build phases and that also didn’t work. Am I missing something?

I’ve not seen this error before, could this be the issue you’re seeing?

Also if you’re able to share a minimal example demonstrating the issue I can take a quick look.

I looked at the link that you sent and couldn’t seem to find where DSTROOT is. Maybe Im looking at the wrong place. However, as far as any examples go, I get that cycle error even when creating a blank project and trying to build that. It works when I run as it a Standalone Plugin but fails with everything else.

This is the screenshot for what comes up when I look for DSTROOT: