Rez error in Xcode

I was building and compiling just fine until I was building VST and switched over to AU and accidentally tried to build it before VST was done building. As soon as that happened, this occurred. I assume I corrupted something. I did a time machine backup a few hours ago, so if it is a corrupted file, I could retrieve the fixed files from TM if I was directed to them.

I did find Jules’ post, but the first link to the install is broken (AUs in Xcode), so I made a new post. Any help is greatly appreciated. These sort of errors are above my head.

Redownloaded all JUCE module code. Used a time machine back up on the file in question. This error is above my head. I’m really quite perplexed at this issue. Any help would be great. I was ready to release, this is the only thing keeping me from building :confused:

Fixed. I didn’t have the proper syntax for the AU Plugin Category Field, so I simply removed it. This fixed the rez error.

I feel with you: the “Error 2” of the Rez step is incredibly useless and I’ve also spent hours debugging what’s going on when Rez fails.

I’m so much looking forward to the time when no one is using DAWs anymore that still require an AudioUnit to have a resource fork. I think an old but still popular version of Ableton Live (version 7 or 8?!?) is the main reason why we can’t fully remove this just yet.

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I also have some problem with the xcode, how can I report for solution?

Do you have any text in your “AU plugin category” field in the ProJucer? That was my error.

@fabian - is there a place where can we find a list of the formatted plugin category items for the AU, VST, and AAX fields? I’m struggling with this and haven’t found any posts on it with solutions.

Just open the AppConfig.h
Here you find for each field one defined, like:

#ifndef  JucePlugin_VSTCategory
 #define JucePlugin_VSTCategory            kPlugCategEffect
#ifndef  JucePlugin_AUMainType
 #define JucePlugin_AUMainType             kAudioUnitType_Effect
#ifndef  JucePlugin_AAXCategory
 #define JucePlugin_AAXCategory            AAX_ePlugInCategory_Dynamics

If you click with CMD pressed e.g. on the kAudioUnitType_Effect, XCode will take you to the enum, where all the alternatives are listed.


Hmm, I think I’ve been to that section before. I may be under the wrong impression, but what I’m looking for are the list of items that change the actual category that the plugin is listed under, such as Dynamics, EQ, Utility, etc. I am probably just misunderstanding what those fields in the projucer are actually used for. I assumed they were to put those items in so that the DAW you load your VST/AU/AAX into would then have categorized your plugin. Is this the wrong assumption? I’m only confused because these items don’t seem to represent what I thought those Projucer fields were for:

    kAudioUnitType_Output					= 'auou',
	kAudioUnitType_MusicDevice				= 'aumu',
	kAudioUnitType_MusicEffect				= 'aumf',
	kAudioUnitType_FormatConverter			= 'aufc',
	kAudioUnitType_Effect					= 'aufx',
	kAudioUnitType_Mixer					= 'aumx',
	kAudioUnitType_Panner					= 'aupn',
	kAudioUnitType_Generator				= 'augn',
	kAudioUnitType_OfflineEffect			= 'auol',
	kAudioUnitType_MIDIProcessor			= 'aumi'

Only Logic X Pro’s built-in effects are listed by categories like that – the list is documented in the header.