ResMergerProduct error when compiling AU plugin on XCode

Getting the following errors when compiling on XCODE. No errors on Windows.

VST and StandAlone projects compile just fine. Only AU gives the error.

Any thoughts?



Some more details would be helpful to track down this issue.

Is there any more error output before the final line that might hint at what’s going wrong?

Are you generating your project with the Projucer or with CMake?

Have you installed JUCE to a directory with normal user permissions (i.e. ideally somewhere in your home directory, not a system directory)?

Have you installed the Xcode command-line tools? (sudo xcode-select --install)


Thanks for the feedback. The xcode installation isn’t mine. I generate the code on my windows platform and send it to a tester who has Xcode.

This was not an issue on 6.1.4.

PROJUCER is used to generate the project

Permissions. I can only assume that JUCE was installed in the same directory with the appropriate permissions. We’ve been working like this since JUCE 5.x.x. However, I will double check that.

Maybe something happened during the update. Again, this is only happening for AU.

Perhaps re-installing JUCE would be a good idea?

I can’t think of any changes between 6.1.4 and 6.1.5 that might have caused this kind of breakage. However, Xcode updates have been known to cause related issues in the past.

Has your tester recently updated Xcode? Depending on the configuration of the machine, Xcode may be updated automatically when installed through the App Store.

If they haven’t tried it already, you could ask your tester to remove all intermediate artefacts from their machine, including Xcode Derived Data (~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData) and to build from scratch.

You could try reinstalling JUCE as a last resort, but I expect that the problem is elsewhere if the JUCE installation was working previously.

I’m in agreement with you. I do know that he hasn’t updated xcode in some time.

I’ll get some more information before I post again. Thanks