From Windows VST to Xcode AU



I have successfully built a VST plugin in VS2010 using The Jucer as the base. When I try and cross it over to XCode, I have nothing but errors.
I used the same Jucer file to select AU instead of VST, and open in XCode. For some reason it could not find juce_AU_Resources.r and It was looking in a folder in the juce “src” that did not exist. I found these files, and copied them to location it was looking at, and the file names in XCode turned from red to black.

Now when I build, I get “Command /Developer/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1” and when I look in it says “error: macro names must be identifiers”. This is for 26 different files including pluginprocessor/plugineditor and what looks like all the AU files. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? :smiley:


Doesn’t sound like you’re using the latest version of the library or the introjucer…?


Many thanks,
I though it could be that so used the Introjucer to download latest version of JUCE, and then rebuilt the Introjucer and JUCE and it built fine!

Now to test!


I’m testing in Logic pro, and when trying to load for the first time, it says pops up an error saying "auvaltool quit unexpectedly."
Using AU manager to validate, it says “validation result: crashed validation”

Any ideas why this is happening? It works fine in AU Lab.



Ok so it seems to be the mono version that crashes it. Stereo seems to work fine. Do I need to have something in process block to only output mono if it is a mono input? At the moment it is a stereo effect so I can disbale mono in the jucer.



Ok sorry to keep posting I have answered my own question. I was trying to send out 2 channels always, so it crashed when trying to do mono!