AU question (RESOLVED)

I'm trying to get my plugin to build as an AU and would like to get some guidance in getting started. I currently have it building and running on the PC and Mac as a VST and VST3, and also on the Mac as AAX. Getting this this to work as an AU is important to me as I have customers asking for it but so far I am stumped.

I am currently using xCode 7 and JUCe 3.2. I am fairly new to xCode and Mac development and so my questions may seem somewhat basic.

1. Do I need to download the Core Audio SDK or can I use the one that comes with xCode 7?

2. How do I tell JUCE the location of the AU SDK? When I check VST and.or AAX, JUCE gives me a text box to enter this information but not with AU.

3. When I try to build my plugin as an AU, I get the following error. 

/Users/michaelcollins/Desktop/JUCE-OSX/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/juce_AU_Resources.r:49: ### /Applications/ - SysError 0 during open of "AUResources.r".

Fatal Error!

/Users/michaelcollins/Desktop/JUCE-OSX/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/juce_AU_Resources.r:49: ### /Applications/ - Fatal Error, can't recover.


The Core Audio utility classes have been added to the JUCE repository recently. Located in


Therefore, creating an AU should just work.

Note: The core audio classes by Apple contain some errors that need to be fixed. Information about this is available in this forum. The ones included in JUCE are already patched.

Thanks! I am currently using 3.2.0 of JUCE. Can I just copy the AU folder from the tip or is there something else I need to do? I don't want to use the entire JUCE tip on production code.

I removed the CoreAudio folder from "Extras" and copied the AU folder from the tip, but xCode is still looking in the "Extras" folder which no longer exists.

I noticed that the original Core Audio is organized into sub-folders which JUCE's copy puts them all into a single folder, which makes it difficult to just copy the patched files into the "Extra" folder. I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue or does everyone work from the tip. 

You don't need to copy anything anywhere!

If you re-save your project with the latest introjucer and juce version, it'll deal with all that stuff internally. The CoreAudio files are hidden inside juce, and you don't need to know about their existance.

I appreciate your response but I'm hesitant to keep pulling the tip of the JUCE tree after my plugin has been extensively tested. That flies in the face of what I consider to be good development practice. I will pull it down next time there is a labelled release.

For now I have gotten AU builds to work just fine by updating the VST3 SDK and using xCode 7. No patching was necessary. I have described the details here...