Building an audio unit/ vst problems

I have downloaded the latest version of Juce, I am on OSX 10.7.4

I have then downloaded Xcode 4.6

Then followed these instructions

and put the core audio sdk in my root /Library/Developer folder.

The audio unit won’t build I still get the Rez error.

So I went here :
And tried changing the audio unit SDKs as described commenting out the various parts etc.

but still I cannot build the basic plugin framework.
I keep getting this:

failed to find AUResources/AUResources.r/Users/geoffsvault/Documents/JucePluginBuilds/BasicAU/Builds/MacOSX/…/…/JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/juce_AU_Resources.r:50: ### /Applications/ - SysError 0 during open of “AUResources.r”.Fatal Error!/Users/geoffsvault/Documents/JucePluginBuilds/BasicAU/Builds/MacOSX/…/…/JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AU/juce_AU_Resources.r:50: ### /Applications/ - Fatal Error, can’t recover.AUResources.r: ### /Applications/ - Since errors occurred, /Users/geoffsvault/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/BasicAU-cyuzajfgqlfnjbaiehqheicdqsyx/Build/Intermediates/’s resource fork was not written.Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 3

I have been creating audio unit and vst plugins in iPlug with no problems in xcode 3.2.6
So I have downloaded whatever I though was necessary to get Juce up and running, however I can’t get Juce to build any plugin type successfully.

Could anyone advise me on anything else to try or is there a version of xcode that doesn’t cause these problems that I could use instead.
I would just like to find the easiest path to get a the basic juce plugin generator creating a working template I don’t mind what version of anything I need to use.


Most likely, your core audio SDK is not in the right place,

Xcode 4.6 requires you to download the core audio folder from the developer site (Xcode menu > Open Developer Tools > More Developer Tools…). Then downloaded “Audio Tools for Xcode - February 2012” (Late July 2012 version does not seem to have the CoreAudio folder).

Once downloaded, you should got to Applications > Xcode > Show Package Contents > Contents > Developer and create a folder called Extra. Then drag the CoreAudio folder into it.

See this post, and this web page for more details.

Brilliant post - many thanks for that!!

I copied to the Extras folder (rather than Extra) - for consistency with the SDK folder. Seemed to work!

Best wishes,