Projucer kills space char for plug-in Ids

It seems like Projucer decide to truncate spaces even if they’re explicit.
Let’s say I want my PlugIn Code to be "ABC ".
I’m not aware of limits (and saw at least one product that does that across AU / VST / VST3 / RTAS).

If you’ll save "ABC " it will be save properly but the space will be truncated from the AppConfig.h

Even trying to trick it with " " won’t work.


There are 7 places in Projucer’s code where there is:

.trim().substring (0, 4)
  • extras/Projucer/Source/ProjectSaving/jucer_ProjectExport_Xcode.h (6 occurences)
  • extras/Projucer/Source/ProjectSaving/jucer_ProjectSaver.cpp (1 occurence)

@ed95 @jules it might make sense to replace these calls to .trim() by calls to .trimStart(), since .substring (0, 4) already takes care of chopping the end of the string.

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OK, I’ve removed the calls to trim() so you can use spaces in your IDs

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