Projucer kills space char for plug-in Ids


It seems like Projucer decide to truncate spaces even if they’re explicit.
Let’s say I want my PlugIn Code to be "ABC ".
I’m not aware of limits (and saw at least one product that does that across AU / VST / VST3 / RTAS).

If you’ll save "ABC " it will be save properly but the space will be truncated from the AppConfig.h

Even trying to trick it with " " won’t work.



There are 7 places in Projucer’s code where there is:

.trim().substring (0, 4)
  • extras/Projucer/Source/ProjectSaving/jucer_ProjectExport_Xcode.h (6 occurences)
  • extras/Projucer/Source/ProjectSaving/jucer_ProjectSaver.cpp (1 occurence)

@ed95 @jules it might make sense to replace these calls to .trim() by calls to .trimStart(), since .substring (0, 4) already takes care of chopping the end of the string.


OK, I’ve removed the calls to trim() so you can use spaces in your IDs